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Greece is… the music of Manos Hadjidakis

Manos Hadjidakis

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EMI: 14C054-70926
LP - [1979] Availability unknown.

A1O MithosManos Hadjidakis
A2O YmittosManos Hadjidakis
A3Amerika - AmerikaManos Hadjidakis
A4Milisse MouManos Hadjidakis
A5Ime Aitos Horis FteraManos Hadjidakis
A6Kathe Kipos EchiManos Hadjidakis
B1Ta Pedia Tou PoreaManos Hadjidakis
B2Ela Pare Mou Ti LipiManos Hadjidakis
B3Mes' S'afti Ti VarkaManos Hadjidakis
B4Egine ParexigissiManos Hadjidakis
B5Pame Mia Volta Sto FegariManos Hadjidakis
B6Sinevi Stin AthinaManos Hadjidakis

Updated 6/16/2012

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