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Folklore Songs and Dances of Yugoslavia

Atanas Kolarovski

Memed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje), Georgi Dimčevski Folk Orchestra

Produced by Atanas Kolarovski
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Worldtone: AK-002
Issued as Worldtone WT-LP-64-701

LP - [1971] Availability unknown.

A1***** Excellent Krivo PalanačkoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia5/16+5/16+11/16 (2,3+2,3+3,3,2,3)Zurli I TapanZurli I Tapan 
A2***** Excellent Zensko ČamčeMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia7/16 (3,2,2)Modern  
A3***** Excellent KasapskoGeorgi Dimčevski Folk OrchestraMacedonia2/4Modern  
A4***** Excellent MemedeMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia7/16 (2,2,1,2)Modern RTB 2110164
A5**** Very Good AlbanskoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Kosmet9/16 (2,2,2,1,2)Modern  
A6**** Very Good RugovoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Kosmet2/4Modern  
B1**** Very Good ZaečkoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia2/4ModernClarinet 
B2**** Very Good MaleševskoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia2/4Zurli I Tapan  
B3**** Very Good IvanicaGeorgi Dimčevski Folk OrchestraMacedonia7/16 (3,2,2)Modern  
B4**** Very Good KratovskoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia2/4Modern  
B5***** Excellent EdinaestorkaMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Macedonia11/16 (2,2,3,2,2)Zurli I Tapan  
B6***** Excellent Deli BečarGeorgi Dimčevski Folk Orchestra
Layo (gaida)
Mile Kolarov (kaval)
Macedonia2/4TraditionalGaida, KavalMonitor MFS 736
B7***** Excellent GilanskoMemed Čun Folk Orchestra (Skopje)Kosmet2/4ModernClarinet 

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