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The Feis Album Vol 5

Anton & Sully

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CD - [2017] Available From: Anton & Sully

G14:07Reels - 113Glasgow Reel, E to E Reel, The Happy SnowmanAnton & SullyIreland
C23:36Reels - 113Cumasc, Lauren's a Cracker, I Don't Think It Was That GreatAnton & SullyIreland
P37:06Hornpipes - 113Purple Sunrise, The Smell of the Bog, Across the FenceAnton & SullyIreland
B47:09Hornpipes - 113Boys of Balinlough, Gan Anim, Flowing TideAnton & SullyIreland
C55:31Slip Jigs - 113Can you Hear Me, A Like for All, Studio2StageAnton & SullyIreland
N65:25Slip Jigs - 113Nancy's Letterbox, The Patient Grasshopper, But a Love for NoneAnton & SullyIreland
N75:29Heavy Jigs - 73No Time For All, 2 Wee Beasts, Harmony SplurgeAnton & SullyIreland
P85:33Heavy Jigs - 73Princess of Geneva, Greenaghan Viaduct, TransmorgraphiedAnton & SullyIreland
D93:16Beginner Reels - 124Daybreak, Terry Teahan's, Pete Bradley's PolkaAnton & SullyIreland
E104:17Beginner Slip Jigs - 124Ellen O'Grady, Gan AnimAnton & SullyIreland
M113:18Singel (Hop) Jigs - 124Made in 17 Seconds, That'll Do Rightly, Sproggs 3Anton & SullyIreland
G123:32Light Jigs - 116Gan Anim, Hickey's, Buttermilk MaryAnton & SullyIreland
T134:15Beginner Heavy Jigs - 92The Tongs By The Fire, Munster Bacon, The Flying WheelchairAnton & SullyIreland
T144:45Beginner Hornpipes - 140The Wiley Old Bachelor, Fisher's HornpipeAnton & SullyIreland
T154:12Presentation TrackThe Grower, A Travers La Vitre, Cassie's The White ButterflyAnton & SullyIreland

Updated 10/22/2017

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