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Boris Karlov (1924-1964)

Legend of the Bulgarian Accordion

Boris Karlov

Yves Moreau
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From Bourque-Moreau Associés (BMA) Folklore Productions:

This 2-CD set features 40 exciting folk melodies played by the legendary Bulgarian accordionist and compiled by Yves Moreau from the archives of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Balkanton records and rare old 78's. Descriptive notes by Manol Todorov and Yves Moreau (28-page booklet). Boris Karlov is credited for being the first to develop a distinct technique and style for playing Bulgarian folk music on the accordion. This compilation presents the «classics» of Karlov's repertoire in chronological order. Boris Karlov was an usurpassed accordion player with an exquisite and particular beautiful tone, full of emotionality. He was a folk musician with an iron sense of rhythm and brilliant technique who played Bulgarian folk melodies with an infectious musical sensitivity. Some of his tunes have become standard favorites among North American Balkan music and dance adepts: Bavno Horo, Gjuševska Râčenica, Dajčovo Horo, Gankino Horo, Elenino Horo, etc.

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2 CDs - Available From: Yves Moreau

11Obedjansko HoroBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
12Vrâbniška RâčenicaBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
13Sitno HoroBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
14RâčenicaBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
15Bre BlagatkaBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
16Makedonsko HoroBoris KarlovBavno OroBulgariaRadioprom
17Dajčovo Horo (1A)Boris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
18Sofijsko Šopsko HoroBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
19Gankino Horo (1)Boris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
110Kjustendilsko HoroBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
111Severnjaška RâčenicaBoris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
112Gankino Horo (2)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
113Trakijsko Horo (A)Boris KarlovChestotoBulgariaRadioprom
114Trakijska RâčenicaBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
115Gankino Horo (3)Boris Karlov BulgariaRadioprom
116Dajčovo Horo (2)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
117Plovdivsko HoroBoris KarlovSedi DonkaBulgaria 
118Dajčovo Horo (3)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
119Gankino Horo (4)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
120Mjatalo Lenče JabalkaBoris Karlov
Boris Mashalov
21Trakijsko Horo (B)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
22Kjustendilska RâčenicaBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
23Pravo HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
24Graovsko Horo (A)Boris Karlov BulgariaBalkanton 191
25Radino HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
26Šopsko Horo (1)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
27Elenino Horo (A)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
28Dajčovo Horo (1B)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
29Četvorno HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
210Dudino Horo (A)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
211Elenino Horo (B)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
212Trakijsko Horo (3)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
213Graovsko Horo (B)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
214Pazardziška RâčenicaBoris KarlovGyushevska RuchentisaBulgaria 
215Dudino Horo(B)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
216Levskarsko HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
217Krivo HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 
218Šopsko Horo (2)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
219Dajčovo Horo (4)Boris Karlov Bulgaria 
220Pazardziško Pravo HoroBoris Karlov Bulgaria 

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