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Georgi Koev - Legend of the Bulgarian Clarinet


Georgi Koev

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From Bourque-Moreau.com:

This unique collection features 25 melodies played by the legendary Bulgarian clarinetist and compiled by Yves Moreau from the archives of the Bulgarian National Radio and the former state-owned Balkanton record company.

Clarinet players in the Thracian region of Bulgaria are legion, but Georgi Koev’s style was unique. Recognized as a very astute and self-assured performer, Koev was famous for his improvisation. His repertoire consisted of traditional dances from the Pazardzhik region and slow expressive melodies which always moved his audiences.

«Georgi Koev produced a sound so close to the human voice. When he played, it was as if he was telling a story. His slow melodies sounded much like weeping and were very touching» - Prof. Petko Radev (Renowned Bulgarian clarinetist)

CD - [2015] Available From: BMA Productions

1Конарска трапезаKonarska TrapezaGeorgi KoevBulgariaRadioprom 1334
2Криво хороKrivo HoroGeorgi Koev
Asen Radinov
BulgariaRadioprom 1334
3РъченицаRuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgaria 
4На трапеза и хороNa Trapeza I HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHA 492
5Криво хороKrivo HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHA 358
6РъченицаRuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHM 6542
7ГайдаGajdaGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHM 6542
8Право Пазарджиско хороPravo Pazardzhisko HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHM 6542
9Криво Пазарджиско хороKrivo Pazardzhisko HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHM 6542
10Жетварска песен и ръченицаZhetvarska Pesen I RuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgaria 
11На трапеза и ръченицаNa Trapeza I RuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHK 2587
12Малоконарско хороMalokonarsko HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHK 2587
13Голямоконарска ръченицаGolyamokonarska RuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHK 2764
14Криво хороKrivo HoroGeorgi KoevBulgariaBHK 2764
15На трапеза и ръченицаNa Trapeza I RuchenitsaGeorgi KoevBulgaria 
16Строевско хороStroevsko HoroGeorgi Koev
Todor Prashtakov (accordion)
Georgi Chaev (Gadulka)
BulgariaBHA 11682
17Пазардшиска ръченицаPazardshiska RuchenitsaGeorgi Koev
Krum Natov (Accordion)
18Криво Черногоровско хороKrivo Chernogorovsko HoroGeorgi Koev
Krum Natov (Accordion)
19Малоконарско хороMalokonarsko HoroGeorgi Koev
Krum Natov (Accordion)
20Криво Малоконарско хороKrivo Malokonarsko HoroGeorgi Koev
Mihail Yanchev
Veselin Stoenchev
21Мирчо, ле млада войводоMircho, Le Mlada VojvodoGeorgi Koev
Angel Koev
22Малоконарска трапеза и хороMalokonarska Trapeza I HoroGeorgi KoevBulgaria 
23Черногоровско седенкаChernogorovsko SedenkaGeorgi Koev
Stoyan Bamgeev
24Черногоровско трапеза и хороChernogorovsko Trapeza I HoroGeorgi Koev
Stoyan Bamgeev
25Пасал Станю ЧилетаPasal Stanyu ChiletaGeorgi Koev
Ignat Kukov

Updated 10/22/2017

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