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Mitar with Accordion

Foklk Songs and Ballads from: Serbia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia

Mitar Bulatović

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Balkan BLP 11030
LP - [1962] Muzika Balkana (MP3 download)

A1Ja sam dečko rodom šumadinacMitar BulatovićSerbia
A2Oj, lipi moj Jadrane plaviMitar BulatovićSerbia
A3Oj, Cetinje ponos gradeMitar BulatovićSerbia
A4Odjekuje gora RomanijaMitar BulatovićSerbia
A5Angelina vodu lilaMitar BulatovićSerbia
A6Smederevo, kraj Dunava mestoMitar BulatovićSerbia
B1Kad mi pišeš mila matiMitar BulatovićSerbia
B2Ublaži nemir mojMitar BulatovićSerbia
B3Evo banke cigane mojMitar BulatovićSerbia
B4Pesma o harmoniciMitar BulatovićSerbia
B5Papirne ružeMitar BulatovićSerbia
B6Bolen leži mlad StojanMitar BulatovićSerbia

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