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The Mad Gypsy

Florika Sava and His Violin

Sava Florika

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Capitol T 10139
LP - [c1960] Availability unknown.

A1Doina VodaSava FlorikaRomania
A2MariskaSava FlorikaRomania
A3To Zsa ZsaSava FlorikaRomania
A4nu Ma AbandonaSava FlorikaRomania
A5Pentru Ochii Tai Cei DulciSava FlorikaRomania
A6Hora MartisoruluiSava FlorikaRomania
B1Baranete Haine GreleSava FlorikaRomania
B2Iti Mai Aduci Aminte DoamaSava FlorikaRomania
B3CiocarliaSava FlorikaRomania
B4Hora Ponpier - Hora SpicatoSava FlorikaRomania
B5Doina OltuluiSava FlorikaRomania
B6Hora Vaca Fata Fata BaSava FlorikaRomania

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