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Ceol ón Sráid - Lán d'Athas

Music from the Street - Full of Happiness


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CeolonSraid CD-001
CD - [2011] Availability unknown.

13:37Comphiopai (Hornpipes)Comphíopa na Síog, Cearta an Duine (Fairies Hornpipe, Rights of Man) Ireland
24:53Fonn mall (Air) / Poirt (Jig)Inis Oírr, Amuigh ar an bhFarraige (Out on the Ocean) Ireland
32:54PolkasPolka o Jerry Collins, Ballingarry Polka, New Roundabout Ireland
45:34Fonn mall (Air)Eammon a Chnoic, Port stiurtha, Rina Siog (Set dance, King of the fairies) Ireland
53:16Poirt (Jigs)Deifir chun na Bainise,100 Pipers (Haste to the Wedding) Ireland
63:51Baileidi (Ballads)Foggy Dew, Jesse James (taifeadtha ag Bascom Lunsfore i 1924) Ireland
74:59WaltzFanny Power, Sidh Bheag Sidh Mhor Ireland
83:18Poirt (Jigs)Donnybrook Fair & Lanigan's Ball Ireland
92:36WaltzFalatbush Waltz Ireland
103:22Rince Scioboil & Fling (Barndance & Fling)Thadelos & Green Grow the Rushes o Ireland
112:55PolkasGullane, Paddy Spillane's & Magic Slipper Ireland

Updated 10/22/2017

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