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Mikis Theodorakis, Pablo Neruda - Canto General

Mikis Theodorakis, Pablo Neruda

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EMI 2J064-13006
LP - Commercially Available.

A110:45Ερχονται Τα Πουλια (Vienen Los Pajaros)Erchontai Ta PouliaMikis Theodorakis
Pablo Neruda
A29:48Ξεσηκωμενη Αμερικη (Amerika insurecta)Xesekomene AmerikeMikis Theodorakis
Pablo Neruda
B16:54Βλαστησεις (Vegetaciones)BlasteseisMikis Theodorakis
Pablo Neruda
B217:48Οι Ελευθερωτες (Los Libertadores)Oi EleutherotesMikis Theodorakis
Pablo Neruda

Updated 11/9/2009

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