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Gypsy Music from Bulgaria Vol. 2

Ibro Lolov & His Gypsy Orchestra

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ARC Music: EUCD 1608
CD - [2000] Available From: muzika-balkana.blogspot.com

13:28The Singing Gypsies Ibro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals
23:49Sofiysky Kjuchek Gypsy Dance from SofiaIbro LolovBulgaria2/4Modern 
34:09A, Bre, Chicho Hey, UncleIbro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals
43:59The Tiger Gypsy DanceIbro LolovBulgaria9/16 (2,2,2,3)Modern 
54:15Early in the Morning Ibro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals
64:24Gotzedelchevsky Kjuchek Gypsy Dance from Gotze DelchevoIbro LolovBulgaria2/4Modern 
73:32I Have Two Eyes Ibro LolovBulgaria9/16 (2,2,2,3)ModernMale Vocals
84:10Satovchansky Kjuchek Gypsy Dance from SatovchantsiIbro LolovBulgaria9/8 (2,2,2,1,2)Modern 
93:18Your Eyes to See Ibro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals
102:54Maiden's Kjuchek Maiden's Gypsy DanceIbro LolovBulgaria2/4Modern 
114:22Magdalena Ibro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals
124:02A Joke Ibro LolovBulgaria2/4ModernMale Vocals

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