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Young Man and a Maid

Love Songs of Many Lands

Cynthia Gooding, Theodore Bikel

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A more recent variation of the original cover - note the "Atom" label.
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Earlier cover featuring a drawing of a man and a woman with an inset woodcut of Adam and Eve with the serpent. This cover has the "Caligraphy" label rather than "Atom" label and was probably only available for a short time.

Elektra EKL 109
LP - [1960] Availability unknown.

A1Where Does It LeadCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
A2A Meidl in Di YorenTheodore BikelYiddish
A3Sur la RouteCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
A4LaredoCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
A5GreensleevesCynthia Gooding 
A6Ro'e Vero'aCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
A7Aupres de ma BlondeCynthia GoodingFrance
A8Mi JacalitoCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
B1As I Roved OutCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
B2CoplasCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
B3Katherine JaffreyCynthia Gooding 
B4Hej Pada PadaTheodore BikelCzechoslovakia
B5Well Met, Pretty MaidCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel
B6La Ballade du Chercheur d'OrTheodore BikelFrance
B7Western WindCynthia Gooding 
B8ProschayCynthia Gooding
Theodore Bikel

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