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Maleševski Motivi na Zurla

Zurla Melodies from Maleševo

Željo Destanovski

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Album Cover

Izvor Music: IZM 104
CD - [2009] Available From: Izvor Music

1Kasapsko-Pravo-OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
2KantalenaŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
3FermeneŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
4ČangulovoŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
5Odžovoto OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
6Džaferovo OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
7Ratevsko OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
8Rusinsko OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
9Željova GajdaŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
10KondurkiŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
11Maleševski SpletŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
12Kumovo Šareno OroŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
13Vladimirsko Oro (Olan, Olan)Željo DestanovskiMacedonia
14Aj, Kato Litaš Garvanovo PileŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
15Dumaj, Zlate, DumajŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia
16Ajde Puška Pukna Žegoskata MaalaŽeljo DestanovskiMacedonia

Updated 10/22/2017

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