F o l k l o r e    D i s c o g r a p h y 


   A Dijon: Musiques du Monde A Dijon: Musiques du Monde
Arion 30T 092 (LP) [1971]
   Alchymeia Alchymeia
FSR 1009 (CD) [2012]
   Excavated Shellac - Reeds Excavated Shellac - Reeds
Reed performances from Tanzania Kurdistan, Turkey, India, China and more from the 78 RPM Era
ES-Reeds (CD) [2015]
   Excavated Shellac - Strings Excavated Shellac - Strings
Guitar, Oud, Violin and More from the 78rpm Era
ES-Strings (CD) [2010]
   Folkdance Underground Vol. 4 Folkdance Underground Vol. 4
FU 4 (LP) [1977]
   Mushrooms Mushrooms
Pečurka International Folkdance Band
DR 101 (LP) [1977]
   Music from Distant Corners of the Earth Music from Distant Corners of the Earth
Treasures of the Explorer Series
Nonesuch H7-11 (LP) [1971]
   Pečurka Goes Underground Pečurka Goes Underground
Pečurka International Folkdance Band
PU 1 (LP) [1975]
   World on Fire World on Fire
The Romaniacs
WRC1-5754 (LP) [1988]
   Yankovic in Polkatime Yankovic in Polkatime
Frank Yankovic Orchestra, Patsy Garrett, Scotty MacGregor
P 100-37 (10" LP) [1952]

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