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Georgi Petrov and Friends

After Sunset

Georgi Petrov

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JARO 4221-2
CD - [1999] Available From: JARO Medien Gmbh

16:40Sledzalez SlunzeAfter SunsetGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
24:35Bashtina PesenFather´s SongGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
34:12Ludo SevernashkoCrazy Dance Of The North Georgi PetrovBulgaria
46:04Tzar Sa MoliThe King´s RequestGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
52:24Horovodna PesenCelebration DanceGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
66:19Kraidunavska PrikaskaDanuble LegendGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
75:17Zaplakala a VdovitzaRying Widow Georgi PetrovBulgaria
83:40Macedonski TanseMacedonian DanceGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
92:10Pustite SelyeniPeasant´s SongGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
106:30SbogomSad FarewellGeorgi PetrovBulgaria
115:50ImprovizatiaFree ImprovisationGeorgi PetrovBulgaria

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