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Outsinging the Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950

The Sound of the Balkans Remastered from Original 78s


Compiled and Annoted by Lauren Brody
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CD A Cover: 1905-1950 - Korenyashka Grupa Na Karlo: Karlo Aliev (trumpet), Asen Radanov (violin), Petko Vrazhdepski (accordion), Tsvyatko Blagoev (clarinet), Kalcho Karlov (drums)
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CD A Insert Back: 1905-1950
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CD B Cover: 1928-1950 - Trakiiskata Narodna Grupa 1939: Manol Todorov (tambura), Stanil Payakov (kaval), Atanaska Todorova (vocal), Stoicho Daskalov (gudulka)
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CD B Insert Back: 1928-1950
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CD C Cover: 1911-1050 - Korenyashka Grupa Na Karlo, Karlo Aliev (gaida), Tsvyatko Blagoev (kaval)
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CD C Insert Back: 1911-1950
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CD D Cover: 1928-1950 - Ugurchinskata Grupa 1951: Dimitur Bochukov (viola gudulka), lIiya Dimitrov (gaida), Hristo Kusyotov (glldulka),Tsvyatko Blagoev (kaval), Asen Radanov (tupan), Karlo Balevski (tambura)
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CD D Insert Back: 1928-1950

JSP Records: JSP77134

Outsinging The Nightingale: Lost Treasures Of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950

There can be few who are quite unfamiliar with the sound of Bulgarian music, whether the plangent harmonies of the Mystère Des Voix Bulgares, or the rocket-fuelled instrumentals of the wedding band movement, but even the most assiduous devotee will find plenty of surprises, even shocks, in this new collection. The 100 tracks on these four CDs, beautifully remastered from 78 rpm recordings dating from between 1911 and the early 1950s, represent the fruit of more than 40 years' collecting by American accordeonist Lauren Brody, who has brought to light an unexpected wealth of musical riches.

After the Second World War and the Communist takeover, official cultural life, including folk and popular music, was subject to strict constraints, couched in a language of national identity, purity and authenticity. What the extraordinarily broad range of music on these recordings demonstrates is that before music in Bulgaria came under that ideological lens, an almost promiscuous mixture of musical styles coexisted, sometimes even in a single performance.

A striking example is clarinettist Ramadan Lolov's Orientalski Kyuchek, which combines a limping, irregular Bulgarian rhythm with a melody with a contour that we would today place as characteristic of Jewish klezmer, performed with a phrasing and sound reminiscent of the klarino of northern Greece. Add to this mix a central, semi-improvised solo performed in a strongly Turkish manner, and it seems clear that any ideals of purity and authenticity held little interest for these performers and their audiences. Like the other Balkan states, Bulgaria, a multi-ethnic country in any event, only achieved its present borders after a series of conflicts in the early years of the 20th century, with a national identity consequently being assigned to people who previously considered their membership of a common culture to be of greater importance than a label of nationality. The collection includes choirs with an almost Adriatic sound, vocal duets with sprightly violin and accordeon which have an entirely Serbian cast, and ensembles of plucked tamburas which could easily pass for Greek.

Nevertheless, the core of the collection is sturdily Bulgarian: echoes of Boris Karlov's masterful accordeon, Vulkana Stoyanava's bright, joyous vocals and the break-neck village virtuosity of Ivan Arseov's Karlovska Ruchenitsa can still be heard today in the country's massively popular pop-folk.

Amazingly, the earliest of these recordings dates from 1911, a year before the First Balkan War, reconstructing part of a wedding ceremony in a kind of miniature documentary. We hear the shouts of the wedding guests, ritual chanting, a bagpipe melody, the sounds of procession and a blessing, leading to a final outburst of dance. It is a moving glimpse into a distant world.

The liner notes reflect Brody's dedication: there are thumbnail sketches of prominent performers, notes on the record companies, and a brief overview of the changing attitudes to the music by academics and its audience. This will remain the definitive guide to these once-lost treasures for many years to come.

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Kim Burton

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4 CDs - [2010] Available From: Song of the Crooked Dance

A13:15Vladaisko HoroKarloBulgaria2/4 Post 1935Orfei 1391
A23:13Stori Se Horo GolyamoMita Stoicheva
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria7/8 (2,2,3) c. 1950Koop. G. Kirkov 4163
A32:52Na Dulga SofraBabakaBulgaria2/4 1939-40London Rekord C27149
A43:24Opni Mi Tropni MiVulkana Stoyanova
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1935Orfei 1238
A53:16Yambolsko HoroKorenyashkata Grupa Na KarloBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1082
A63:34Dimo Na RadaVulkana Stoyanova
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1228
A72:48Zora Se PuknaPeyu NikolovBulgaria3/4 1939-40London Rekord 3381
A83:04Kitka HoraSlavi VelevBulgaria2/4Solo Gaida1939-40London Rekord 3213
A93:16Zavidi Georgi Na Brat SiG-Zha Beshovishka
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria  Post 1940Mikrofon 4057
A103:18Gledai Me, Gledai AisheIvanka Georgieva
Ork. Ramadan Lolov
Bulgaria9/8 Post 1939Arfa 2127
A113:20Zabulvane I Zavezhdane Na BulkataRamadan LolovBulgaria   Pathé Le Miroir 74778X
A123:07Bisero KerkoAtanas Velyov
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria7/8 Post 1950Radioprom 1303
A132:33Ne Zhali Yani Ne PlachiGeorgi NizamovBulgaria7/8 c. 1928-9Columbia D209361H
A143:08Orientalski KyuchekRamadan LolovBulgaria9/8 Post 1935Arfa 2009
A153:16Slushai Malka MomeNadezhda Zlateva
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1935Orfei 1498
A162:58Dosta Sme Yali I PiliMehmed AlievBulgaria  c. 1929Odeon A192064a
A173:19Zun, Zun, Ganke LeBoris Mashalov
Trakiiskata Grupa
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1178
A182:57EleninoBoris KarlovBulgaria7/8 Post 1950Radioprom 1438
A193:21Ne Plachi Maiko Ne ZhaliG-N Marko IvanovBulgaria  1905Gramola 10-12605
A203:11Nado NadkeG-Zha Beshovishka
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1940Mikrofon 4057
A212:41Starozagorsko HoroIvan ShibilevBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1531
A223:14Razdelyane Na Bulkata S Maika ISevlievska TroikaBulgaria  Post 1950Radioprom 1068
A233:08KalinoChernata Marga
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria7/8 Post 1935Orfei 1356
A243:10Kokarsko HoroGeorgi KoevBulgaria2/4 Post 1940Mikrofon 4138
A253:04EleninoDuh. Ans. Pri MvrBulgaria7/8 Post 1950Radioprom 1544
B13:12Graovsko HoroKarloBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1153
B23:04Zashto Si Mi Lyube GaileliyaSavataBulgaria  Post 1940Balkan 28
B33:04Bre BlagatkaPetur Terziev
Ork. Boris Karlov
Bulgaria7/8 Post 1950Radioprom 1275
B42:54Karlovska Trapeza-RuchenitsaSlavi VelevBulgaria~ + 7/8 (2,2,3) 1928-9Columbia D 8640
B53:29Mashteha Radka ReshesheGergana Tsekova
Ork. Peyu Budakoy
Bulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1272
B62:25TodorkinataGospodin BBulgaria2/4 Pre 1928Pathé 74669
B72:45Chepelarsko HoroBabakaBulgaria2/4 1939-40London Rekord C27149
B83:06Subrala Denka SedenkaChernata Marga
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1940Mikrofon
B93:28Kulska TrapezaDemir Cholakov
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria  Post 1950Radioprom 1077
B103:30Pred Tebe Shishe RakiyaYurdan Bonev
Bistrishka Chetvorka
Bulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2) Post 1935Orfei 1025
B112:56RuchenitsaIliya AtanasovBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)  Parlophon B-10549-I
B123:13Obelyansko HoroBoris KarlovBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1060
B133:28Mariika Moma HubavaBoris Mashalov
Ork. Boris Karlov
Bulgaria  1947-48Orfei/Radioprom 2616
B142:55A Bre VodenicharyuVulkana Stoyanova
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria9/8 Post 1935Orfei 1191
B152:37Barem Si Ergen PohodihPapazovBulgaria  Pre 1928Pathé 13120 RA
B163:00Karlovska RuchenitsaIv. ArsenovBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) Post 1940Mikrofon 4212
B172:47Maistor PavleHr. KondovBulgaria  c. 1929Odeon A192115b
B183:05Pohvalila Se Radkinata MaikaGrupata Rosna Kitka
Ork. Radio Sofia
Bulgaria5/16 (2,3)  Radioprom 1117
B193:19Na TrapezaAhmed SalievBulgaria  Post 1950Radioprom 1144
B203:32Oi Velo VeloIvanka GeorgievaBulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1174
B213:04Brusnene Na ZetyaNaroden Orkestur Karlo
Naroden Ork.
Bulgaria  Post 1940Balkan 6
B223:02Raina HubavitsaTsonka PetrovaBulgaria2/4 Post 1935Orfei 1153
B233:27Moya Mila DushteAtanaska Todorova
Vulkana Stoyanova
Ork. Peyu Budakoy
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1935Orfei 1686
B243:15Zazhenil Se Momchil YunakSlavka Georgieva
Trakiiskata Grupa
Bulgaria  Post 1950Radioprom 1377
B253:06Pravo HoroGrupata Na Tsvyatko BlagoevBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1186
C12:53KopanoBoris Karlov
Naroden Ork.
Bulgaria11/16 Post 1950Radioprom 1396
C23:46Siten Mi DuzhdetsIvanka Georgieva
Ork. Kostika
Bulgaria3/4 Post 1935Orfei 1091
C33:05Zasviri Bozhil S KavalaGudi Gudev
Ork. Ramadan Lolov
Bulgaria  Post 1935Arfa 2189
C43:16HoroMetodi TakevBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1067
C53:22Dobrudzhanska RuchenitsaAt. AvdzhievBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) c. 1941Medeya 1136
C63:04Stoyan Na Stanka, Pt. 1Mita Stoicheva
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria  Post 1941Mikrofon 4058
C73:34Kyuchek KurshilamaDemir CholakovBulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1473
C83:30Turne Mome TurneYurdan Bonev
Bistrishka Chetvorka
Bulgaria9/16 Post 1935Orfei 1216
C93:09Chicha Reche Da Me ZheniG. Pindzhurova
Ork. Kosta Kolev
Bulgaria5/16 (2,3) Post 1950Radioprom 1181
C102:57Barem Si Ergen PohodihParush ParushevBulgaria   Parlophon 810544-II
C113:05Kitka Narodni PesniAl. Pincas
M. Tokushev
Bulgaria  c. 1936Gloria 317
C123:16Razbolyala Se Hubava YanaGosho LolovBulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1033
C132:39Hadzhilarska RuchenitsaIvan Shibilev
Ork. Boris Karlov
Bulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) Post 1950Radioprom 1531
C143:07Dei Gidi Maro SelfinoBaba Nasta Pavlova
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria7/8 Post 1935Arfa 2165
C152:58Izvazhdaneto Na BulkataBoncho GeorgievBulgaria  1911Gramophone 3-14170
C163:02Mentsite DrunkatMasha Belmustakova
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1935Arfa 2220
C173:30Dali Gurmi Ili Se Zemya TrusiYurdan Bonev
Bistrishka Chetvorka
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1935Orfei 1325
C183:17Zhetvarska PesenGencho Kolev KehayataBulgaria  c. 1942Medeya 2023
C192:49Kyuchek Bulgaria9/8  Columbia C39870
C203:27Kotlenska RuchenitsaSofiiska Duhova Muzika Na KarloBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) c. 1942Patria 3019
C213:10Byala Sum ByalaMaria Kushleva
Naroden Ork.
Bulgaria  Post 1950Radioprom 1422
C223:08Taz Vecher Nema Bulya TiStoyan VelikovBulgaria5/16 (2,3) c. 1929Odeon A192078b
C233:01Shpirt Lele YanoHor GuslaBulgaria7/8  HMV AM 2614
C243:11Tvoito Tunko KrustcheAtanaska Todorova
Boris Mashalov
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria5/16+9/16 Post 1935Orfei 1213
C253:13RuchenitsaKorenyashkata Grupa Na KarloBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) Post 1950Radioprom 1082
D13:04Mechkadarska PesenGeorgi Stanev
Grupa Artisti
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1940Mikrofon 4023
D23:06Tunki Svirki SviryatMita Stoicheva
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria  Post 1940Mikrofon 4191
D33:06Beloto MareHristo ArsovBulgaria7/8 Post 1940Balkan 435
D43:02Trakiiska RuchenitsaSlavi VelevBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) 1939-40London Rekord 3213
D53:14Shanko Si Bonka ZalyubiSt. G. PenchevBulgaria  Post 1935Orfei 1020
D63:06Myatalo LencheBoris MashalovBulgaria7/16 1947-8Orfei/Radioprom 1456
D73:06Mamina IrinkaSavataBulgaria2/4  Zenith 31
D82:48Kak Se Momi LyubyatMita Stoicheva
Ork. Kavaldzhiev
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1222
D92:57Haide Sluntse Zaide-KitkaMandolinen Kvartet Tale StoyanovBulgaria7/8 c. 1929Odeon A192114b
D102:53Pasal E Stanyo ShiletaGeorgi KoevBulgaria  Post 1940Mikrofon 4138
D113:12Novozagorsko HoroKosta KolevBulgaria2/4 Post 1950Radioprom 1413
D123:17Dotekla E Voda StudenaIsmail Saliev
I. Vantov
Bulgaria7/8 Pre 1928Pathé 74612
D132:49Na Trapeza Bulgaria   Pathé 74594
D143:32Raina KnyaginyataIvanka Georgieva
Ork. Ramadan Lolov
Bulgaria3/4 Post 1935Arfa 2055
D152:46ChamchetoPirinka HristoviBulgaria7/8 c. 1929Odeon A192036.1
D162:55Dobra Iz Putya VurvesheYovcho Karaivanov
Ork. Kosta Kolev
Bulgaria7/16 Post 1950Radioprom 1266
D173:12Ya Mi Dai MamoKina Kirilova
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria2/4 Post 1940Kristal 1346
D183:04Kako Shto E Tazi ChashaL. Dokova
St. Ivanov
Ork. Boris Karlov
Bulgaria7/8 Post 1950Radioprom 1663
D193:00Na TrapezaYoncho NetovyotBulgaria   Pathé
D203:11Vaklino MomeRadka PenevaBulgaria7/16 Post 1950Dir. Na Radiorazprushvaneto 9001
D212:59Petlite Peyat Bulgaria  1907Gramophone 4-12395
D223:01Svatbata TrugvaNadka Zlateva
Ork. Radi Angelov
Bulgaria5/16 (2,3) Post 1935Orfei 1482
D233:14Kavali Sviryat V UsoiRamadan LolovBulgaria  Post1935Arfa 1662
D242:59Bulgarska RuchenitsaMandolinen Orkestur Na Tale StoyanovBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) c. 1929Odeon A192045b
D253:01GankinoKarloBulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2) Post 1940Balkan 436

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