F o l k l o r e    D i s c o g r a p h y 


   Bar Room Piano Bar Room Piano
Joe "Fingers" Carr, Lou Busch
Capitol H280 (10" LP) [1951]
   Bird and Dizzy Bird and Dizzy
A Musical Trubute
Elek Bacsik
BDL1-1082 (LP) [1975]
   Café Noir Café Noir
Café Noir
Cajo GR 1001 (LP) [1988]
   Johnny Dodds Johnny Dodds
The King of New Orleans Clarinets, Volume One
Johnny Dodds
BL 58016 (10" LP) [1951]
   Pine Top Smith and Jelly Roll Morton Pine Top Smith and Jelly Roll Morton
Boogie Woogie Piano and "A King of the Piano"
Pine Top Smith, Jelly Roll Morton
BL 58003 (10" LP) [1950]
   Swing from Paris Swing from Paris
Featuring Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelly
Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelly, Quintet of the Hot Club of France
London LL 1344 (LP)

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