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Winners of the Guča Festival - 50 Years

1961 - 2010


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Jelek CD-1003
2 CDs - [2010] Availability unknown.

11Zlatiborsko koloMica PetrovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
12Staro Zlakusa koloBosko OstojicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
13Goranovo koloDejan LazarevicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
14Milijin sitan vezMilija MilicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
15Cocek za dusuBakija BakicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
16Pobednicki cocekBoban MarkovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
17Nisovacko koloEkrem MamutovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
18Saren TesunenBojan RisticSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
19Kazuj krcmo DzerimoBozidar AjredinovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
110Svekrvino oroMilan Nikolic DonjaSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
111Grdelicki cocekDragan VelickovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
112Cika Svetino koloMilovan BabicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
113Staro parmenacko koloMilos PerisicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
114Novo Mitrovo koloMitar LazovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
115Milivojevo koloMilivoje StanimirovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
116Stara reskovicankaDobrivoje StojanovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
117Umetnicko koloDurmis SacipovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
118Radojkino koloDesimir PerisicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
21Izgubljeno jagnjeBakija BakicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
22Staro valjevsko koloSvetozar Lazovic GongoSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
23Zoranovo dzumbus koloFejat SejdicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
24Stari cacakVeljko OstojicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
25Sebastijanov cocekSlobodan SalijevicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
26Vranjska igraNenad MladenovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
27Lacin gordi cocekDemiran CerimovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
28Cocek Vranjska banjaEkrem SajdicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
29Asvin cocekElvis AjdinovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
210Veseli bujanovacki cocekJovica AjdarevicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
211Magdo, mori MagdoMilan MladenovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
212Draganovo koloDejan PetrovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
213Radojkovo sitno koloRadojko VitezovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
214Deda Milanovo koloRadovan BabicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
215Staro gamzigradsko koloRaka KosticSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
216Prekodolsko koloJunuz IsmailovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
217Sreckovo koloSrecko ObradovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet
218Devojacko koloDragan JovanovicSerbiaBrass BandTrumpet

Updated 10/22/2017

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