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Muži Idu na Oranje - Hrvatske Narodne Pjesme I Plesovi

Ivan Goran Kovaćić Ensemble

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Jugoton LPVS Y 746
Jugoton changed to "Croatia Records" with sticker on LP cover; Same as Monitor MFS 711

LP - [1975] Availability unknown.

A1Muži idu na oranjeIvan KovacicCroatia
A2Stopram sam se oženilIvan KovacicCroatia
A3Laščinska polkaIvan KovacicCroatia
A4Posavski plesoviIvan KovacicCroatia
A5Tu pak tamIvan KovacicCroatia
A6ŠrotešIvan KovacicCroatia
A7Prigorski plesoviIvan KovacicCroatia
B1Dobro jutro (koleda)Ivan KovacicCroatia
B2Tamburaško kolo Ivan KovacicCroatia
B3Oj goro jelovaIvan KovacicCroatia
B4Mila je dragog v tabor otpravljalaIvan KovacicCroatia
B5Mangupsko kolo Ivan KovacicCroatia
B6Črešnjica je obrodilaIvan KovacicCroatia
B7Pjesme i plesovi SlavonijeIvan KovacicCroatia

Updated 9/27/2011

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