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Noć Meraka

Pesme iz "Zone Zamfirove" and "Ivkove Slave"

Gordana Lazarević

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Jugoton LSY 61355
LP - [1977] Availability unknown.

A1Merak, MerakGordana LazarevićSerbia
A2Zone ZamfirovoGordana LazarevićSerbia
A3Zašto, SikeGordana LazarevićSerbia
A4Jordanke, MoriGordana LazarevićSerbia
A5Bolna LežiGordana LazarevićSerbia
A6Stoj Ano, Bela GrćinjoGordana LazarevićSerbia
B1Duj Duj - Niška BanjaGordana LazarevićSerbia
B2Mito, MitančeGordana LazarevićSerbia
B3Mamino MitkeGordana LazarevićSerbia
B4Cano, LeGordana LazarevićSerbia
B5Slavuj PileGordana LazarevićSerbia
B6Iz Banju IdeGordana LazarevićSerbia

Updated 9/11/2013

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