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It's Tamburitza Time

Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra

Gus Rogan

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Marjon Records: LPJM 914
LP - Availability unknown.

A1Zora Zori Dan Se Beli Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.17361111111
A2Mi Cigani Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.10416666667
A3Sedi Maro Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.14722222222
A4Samoborci Piju Vino Slonci Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.064583333333
A5Jal Sam Ikad Tebe Rekal Draga Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.16180555556
B1Moj Se Lolo Opio Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.10347222222
B2Daj Meni Srce TvojeSend me the PillowBalkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.10208333333
B3Kaj Su Rekli Kuma Dora Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.11319444444
B4Moj Rodni Kraju Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.12013888889
B5Četri Rifa Bela Dona Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.12569444444
B6Ma Si Mi Se Balkan Strings Tamburtiza Orchestra0.11111111111

Updated 8/17/2014

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