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The Feenjon Goes Greek

America's Most Exciting Near East Group

The Feenjon

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Monitor MFS 482
LP - Availability unknown.

A1Oso S'AgapoMuch as I Love YouThe FeenjonGreece 
A2KaimosGriefThe FeenjonGreece 
A3FigehGo AwayThe FeenjonGreece 
A4Gypsy Sorrow The FeenjonGreeceBouzoukee Solo
A5Pou Tha Vro YinekaWhere Will I Find A Woman Like YouThe FeenjonGreece 
A6Hasapiko The FeenjonGreece 
B1MinehStayThe FeenjonGreece 
B2Zorba The FeenjonGreece 
B3MandoublaA Girl's NameThe FeenjonGreece 
B4PsaropoulaA Small Fishing BoatThe FeenjonGreece 
B5Koula The FeenjonGreeceAccordion Solo
B6YerakinaA Girl's NameThe FeenjonGreece 

Updated 4/22/2011

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