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The Happy Journey: Early American Vocal Music Volume II

Shaker Songs, New England Anthems, Folk Hymns, Fuging Tunes, Southern Spirituals

The Western Wind

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Nonesuch 79075
Reissued on CD (Western Wind Records WW 1790)

LP - [1984] The Western Wind

 1The Happy JourneyThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 2Now, My Dear, Companions / Drink Ye of Mother’s WineThe Western WindAugustus R. Blasé; AnonAmerican
 3Funeral HymnThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 4Who Will Bow and Bend Like a WillowThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 5From the Moon / Come Life, Shaker LifeThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 6Honor to the HillsThe Western WindJeremiah IngallsAmerican
 7BrevityThe Western WindAbraham WoodAmerican
 8Sorrow’s TearThe Western WindStephen JenksAmerican
 9DecayThe Western WindJenksAmerican
 10ColumbiaThe Western WindIngallsAmerican
 11LamentationThe Western WindIngallsAmerican
 12Evening HymnThe Western WindElisha WestAmerican
 13ComplainerThe Western WindIngallsAmerican
 1Euroclydon, An Anthem (Psalm 107, for Mariners)The Western WindWilliam BillingsAmerican
 2Wake UpThe Western WindJohn G. McCurryAmerican
 3MusgroveThe Western WindE. R. WhiteAmerican
 4The Bower of PrayerThe Western WindE. J. KingAmerican
 5Weeping Mary / To The LandThe Western WindJohn G. McCurryAmerican
 6The Angels Done Bowed DownThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 7CalvaryThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 8Sinner, Please Don’t Let This Harvest PassThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 9Wondrous LoveThe Western WindAnonymousAmerican
 10New Britain; The Promised LandThe Western WindAnonymous; Miss M. DurhamAmerican

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