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Bouzouki International Volume III

The Bouzouki Philosophy of Zambetas

George Zambetas

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Peters: PI LPS 49
LP - Availability unknown.

A1TavoukaratsaGeorge ZambetasGreece
A2Avges Charamata Ke DilinaGeorge ZambetasGreece
A3Agapo Ena KoritsiGeorge ZambetasGreece
A4I ValitsaGeorge ZambetasGreece
A5ErotikoGeorge ZambetasGreece
A6KarsilamasGeorge ZambetasGreece
B1Sto Galazio Ourano MasGeorge ZambetasGreece
B2San Peristeria AgaliaGeorge ZambetasGreece
B3I MarikaGeorge ZambetasGreece
B4Kane Me Oti ThesGeorge ZambetasGreece
B5Pira To Dromo Tis ZoesGeorge ZambetasGreece
B6Ola Ta PediaGeorge ZambetasGreece

Updated 10/22/2017

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