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Rumanian Folk Songs and Dance, Vol. 3


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Period SPL 1616
LP - Availability unknown.

A1CiocarliaFanica Luca (nai)
Barbu Lautaru Orchestra
A2Doina from OravitzaNelu Stan (violin)Romania
A3I Have A Tiny SweetheartIona Radu
Grigorash Dinicu Orchestra
A4Hora from OravitzaIon CristoreanuRomania
A5Filaret Barbu-Reshitzana Romania
A6The Handsome Man Comes Over The Ware Romania
A7Sleepy Little SongstersGeorge Enescu ChoirRomania
A8Alunelul DanceIliutza Rudareanu (clarinet)Romania
A9Hora from PitestiIon Pturica (cobza)Romania
B1Hora MartisoruluiBarbu Lautaru OrchestraRomania
B2Ion Vidu-Lugojana Romania
B3Concert Hora Romania
B4Calush DanceBarbu Lautaru OrchestraRomania
B5Pandele's SyrbaBarbu Lautaru OrchestraRomania
B6Storm HoraBarbu Lautaru OrchestraRomania
B7Syrba from Medgidia Romania
B8Invertitia And Dance For Two Romania

Updated 9/16/2009

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