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Hungarian Folk Dance Music


Produced by Ando Czompo
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Album Label A
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Album Label B

LP - Availability unknown.

A1Uszodi Csardas CsardasHungary
A2Madocsai Tancok  Hungary
A3Kalocsai Csardas CsardasHungary
A4Makkflavi Tancok  Hungary
A5Dunaflavi Leanytanc  Hungary
A6Borozdanfuto  Hungary
A7Szatmarokoritoi Fergetege  Hungary
B1Szenyeri Paros  Hungary
B2Kanasz Tanc  Hungary
B3Palotas  Hungary
B4Pajtas Tanc  Hungary
B5Nagykonyi Verbunk VerbunkHungary
B6Lakodalmi Tanc  Hungary
B7Haromugros  Hungary

Updated 8/9/2011

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