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Rista Lazarović - Kola na saksofonu

Rista Lazarović

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RTB 2110253
LP - [1984] Availability unknown.

A1Žilet kolo Rista Lazarović Serbia
A2Srđanovo kolo Rista Lazarović Serbia
A3PovođankaRista Lazarović Serbia
A4Draganov legatoRista Lazarović Serbia
A5KačeracRista Lazarović Serbia
B1Romski orijentRista Lazarović Serbia
B2Majino koloRista Lazarović Serbia
B3Ibarski žuborRista Lazarović Serbia
B4Ljubičevska šetnjaRista Lazarović Serbia
B5Užičko koloRista LazarovićM. SpasojevićSerbia

Updated 5/7/2012

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