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Ora - Orkestarot od Narodni Instrumenti na Pece Atanasovski

Pece Atanasovski

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RTB EP 14719
7" 45 RPM - [c1975] Availability unknown.

A1PravotoPece AtanasovskiPece AtanasovskiMacedonia2/4IzvorniGajda, Kaval, Tambura
A2Janino oroPece AtanasovskiPece AtanasovskiMacedonia7/16+11/16 (3,2,2 + 2,2,3,2,2)IzvorniGajda, Kaval, Tambura
B1ČučukPece Atanasovski Macedonia9/16 (2,2,2,3)IzvorniGajda, Kaval, Tambura
B2Gajanino oroPece AtanasovskiPece AtanasovskiMacedonia5/16 (2,3)IzvorniGajda, Kaval, Tambura
Ref: 73
Updated 8/25/2010

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