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Janez in Micka


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RTB LP 1364
LP - [1975] Availability unknown.

A1Janez in Micka GorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
A2VabiloInvitationGorenjciWaltz (valček)SloveniaBrass Band
A3SmučarskaSkiGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
A4Pomladni valčekSpring waltzGorenjciWaltz (valček)SloveniaBrass Band
A5Mladi alpinistiYoung ClimbersGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
A6Prvi snegFirst SnowGorenjciWaltz (valček)SloveniaBrass Band
B1OhcetWeddingGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
B2Po Slovesu GorenjciWaltz (valček)SloveniaBrass Band
B3Zimsko veseljeWinter JoyGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
B4Spomin na mladostThe memory of the youthGorenjciWaltz (valček)SloveniaBrass Band
B5ZaplešimoLet's danceGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band
B6Na smučisčuOn the Ski SlopesGorenjciPolkaSloveniaBrass Band

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