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Safet Isović

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RTB NK-10098
Tape - [1968] Availability unknown.

A1Propio se Dujcin PetarSafet IsovićBosnia
A2Kad bi znalaSafet IsovićBosnia
A3Sabah zoraSafet IsovićBosnia
A4Spremio sam svog dorataSafet IsovićBosnia
A5Dobio sam tri poljupcaSafet IsovićBosnia
A6Sa jablana crven listic paoSafet IsovićBosnia
B1Divno Sarajevo, Ilidza te krasiSafet IsovićBosnia
B2Tamo dolje niz mahaluSafet IsovićBosnia
B3Cudila se aman jaSafet IsovićBosnia
B4Danas jedna, sutra drugaSafet IsovićBosnia
B5Mislio sam svaki danSafet IsovićBosnia
B6Kad ja podjoh, draga, od Saraj'va gradaSafet IsovićBosnia

Updated 2/28/2013

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