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Cantați Romaneste - Dansați Romaneste

Sing Roumania - Dance Roumania

Soloists and Orchestra of the House of Culture of Bucharest

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Request SRLP 8113
LP - [c1965] Availability unknown.

A1**** Very Good Sapte Vai Si-o Vale Adinca si Hora Batrinul ui CobzarDumitu Marinescu (cymbalom)Romania2/4
A2 Uhai Babe! Romania2/4
A3**** Very Good Cintec De Dragoste si HoraDumitu Marinescu (cymbalom)Romania2/4
A4 Foie Verde Maghiran Romania2/4
A5 Hora Oltuli si HoraIon Oprea (nai
pan pipe)
B1 Doina si CiociriaIon Oprea (nai
pan pipe)
B2**** Very Good Dragu Me-e unde-am Venit Romania7/16 (3,2,2)
B3*** Good La Cules Cucuruz si HoraDumitu Marinescu (cymbalom)Romania2/4
B4 Ciobana La Oi M-asi Duce Romania2/4
B5 GiabaraleleDumitu Marinescu (cymbalom)Romania3/4

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