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Τα Φρυλικα Ηρυσα Μπουζουκια

The Fabuoulous Golden Bouzoukia

Golden Bouzoukia Ensemble

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A12:35Το ΦουροTo Fouro (The Petticoat)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleKalamatianosGreece
A23:23Ονειρο ΔεμενοOneiro Demeno (Tied Dream)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleNautikosGreece
A33:09Πουλια Μου ΔιαβαταρικαPoulia Mou Diabatarika (Travelling Birds)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleTsamikosGreece
A43:25Η Ελενη Απο Τη ΔραμαE Elene Apo Te Drama (Helen From Thrama)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleKalamatianosGreece
A52:24ΙτιαItia (The Willow)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleTsamikosGreece
A63:10Ο Μπαρμπα ΘωμαςO Barba Thomas (Uncle Tom)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleZeibekikosGreece
B12:41Μεσα Στο Νερο Της ΛιμνηςMesa Sto Nero Tes Limnes (In The Water Of The Lake)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleKalamatianόsGreece
B23:22Βαλ' Το Κοκκινο ΦουστανιVal' To Kokkino Foustani (The Red Dress)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleSyrtosGreece
B32:30ΣουσουραδαSousourada (The Wagtail)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleKalamatianosGreece
B42:10Μια Κοπελιτσα ΑγαπωMia Kopelitsa Agapo (The Little Girl I Love)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleKalamatianosGreece
B52:30Ανατολιτικος ΧοροςAnatolitikos Choros (Belly-Dancers Delight)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleTsifteteli)Greece
B63:35ΜπαλλοσBallos (Ballos, Island Dance)Golden Bouzoukia EnsembleNesiotikosGreece

Updated 4/25/2011

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