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7" & 78 rpm Recordings - USA

Recording Title Artists Year Notes Ref
Activity AR-45-107 45 rpm   USA 152
A1Boil Them Cabbage DownBig CircleAppalacia
B1Little Liza JaneBig CircleAppalacia
Aman-1003 33 rpm     211
A1Old Joe ClarkAman Folk EnsembleUSA
A2Cluck Old HenAman Folk EnsembleUSA
B1Blanchet WaltzAman Folk EnsembleUSA
B2Old Time polkaAman Folk EnsembleUSA
Bellaire 5081 45 rpm Isaac Payton Sweat   219
A1Cotton Eyed Joe with B.S.Isaac Payton SweatUSA2:34
B1Cotton Eyed Joe (Modest Vocal)Isaac Payton SweatUSA2:34
Decca 27981 45 rpm   USA 23
A1Salty Dog RagUSA
B1Milk Bucket BoogeyUSA
Windsor 4615 45 rpm The Californians USA 56
A1Teton Mountian StompUSA

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Updated 5/13/2015

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