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Song of the Crooked Dance

Early Bulgarian Traditional Music 1927-1942


Produced by Lauren Brody
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CD and Booklet Cover - Photo: Korenyashka Grupa Na Karlo: L-R: Front Row: Karlo Aliev (Gaida), Asen Radanov (gadulka), Kalcho Karlov (tupan); Back Row: Petur ? (tambura), Tsvyatko Blagoev (kaval).

YAZOO 7016

Review from RootsWorld

For the past 25 years producer Lauren Brody has been studying the development of Bulgarian music both inside and outside the country. In 1990, Brody spent a year in Bulgaria doing historical research and transferring material from original 78's with funding from a Fulbright grant. This CD covers quite an array of music, featuring performances of traditional vocal and instrumental folk music from urban and rural Bulgaria. Mita Stoicheva with the Ivan Kavaldzhiev orchestra, gives a stunning vocal performance of "Trima bratya dyulgeri," well-known as the ballad of the walled-in bride. Solo pieces on this recording, like the very staccato kaval (flute) piece played by Tsvyatko Blagoev, have a very powerful presence in the solo setting. The rough recording quality gives the music extra character and a feeling of truly listening to something of the past. The extensive liner notes are a treasure, helping to make this a fine package. - Trevor Healy

and Stacy Phillips adds:
This is a collection of traditional Bulgarian music recorded from 1927-42. Since this is pre-Soviet state programmed "socialist art-folk", it is a chance to hear the real thing (even if heavily tilted toward urban folk performers). It is produced by Lauren Brody, ace accordionist in the klezmer scene, and an expert in Bulgarian music. She contributes informed notes about the history of the music, song lyrics and short biographies of some of the performers.

You will hear a potpourri of bagpipes, accordions, clarinets, oboe-like reeds, trumpets, end-blown flutes, heart-tugging rubato ballads, seizure-inducing crooked meters, and even a straight-ahead waltz and 2/4 dance. Forget Les Mystere de Voix Bulgare, this is the real McCoy. . . Er, the real Boris. - Stacy Phillips

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CD - [1998] Available From: Song of the Crooked Dance

1Selska SvadbaVillage WeddingDemir CholakovRuchenitsaBulgaria ModernClarinet 
2Dimo na RadaDimo said to RadaVulkana Stoyanova
Radi Angelov Orchestra
3Mechkadarska PesenBear Handler's Song Georgi Stanev Bulgaria    
4TsonkinataTsonka's TuneAhmed Saliev Bulgaria7/8 (2,2,1,2)   
5KapitanCaptainZah. Atanasova Bulgaria7/8   
6Trima Bratya Dyulgeri Mita Stoicheva
Ivan Kavaldzhiev Orchestra
7Pristanalata GankaGanka the elopeeMasha Byalmustakova
Radi Angelov Orchestra
 Bulgaria9/8 (2,2,2,3)   
8Paidusko Horo Iliya Atanasov Bulgaria  Solo Gaida 
9Zemetresenie V BulgariaEarthquake in BulgariaParush Parushev Bulgaria    
10Hora Zurla and Tupan   Bulgaria   1927
11Gankino Karlo Bulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2) Trumpet 
12Banovata PesenSong for BanaGergana Tsekova
Peyu Budakov Orchestra
13Yambolsko HoroDance tune from YambolKorenyashkata Grupa Na KarloPajdushkoBulgaria    
14Ya stani MilkeWake up MilkaBistrishkata Chetvorka
Yurdan Bonev
15Lovchnaska RuchenitsaRutchenitsa from LovechTsvyatko BlagoevRuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3) Solo Kaval 
16Aguntse Milo BaiovoPrecious Little LambBoris Mashalov
Trakiiskata Grupa
17Ala imash ochiWow, have you got eyes!Peyu Nikolov Bulgaria    
18Na trapeza i horoTable song and dance tuneSevlievska Troika North Bulgaria    
19Georgi Sugarev Hristo Arsov
Karlo Orchestra
 Bulgaria   1928
20Plevensko HoroDance song from PlevenGrupata Na Tsvyatko BlagoevDajchovoPleven, North Bulgarua9/8 (2,2,2,3)   
21Zasviri Bozhil s kavalaBozhil began to play his kavalGudi Gudev
Ramadan Lolov Orchestra
22Cherven fesets (makedonsko horo)Red fez - Macedonian danceRamadan Lolov (Clarinet)
Atanas Atanasov (Accordion)
23Kopano Horo Boris Karlov Bulgaria    

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