F o l k l o r e    D i s c o g r a p h y 


   East Side Wedding East Side Wedding
The Klezmorim
Arhoolie 3006 (LP)
   Mazltov! Mazltov!
Yiddish Folk Songs by Pearl Rottenberg and the Nama Orchestra
Nama Orchestra
NAMA 3 (LP) [1978]
   Metropolis Metropolis
The Klezmorim
FF 258 (LP) [1981]
   Songs of the Ghetto Songs of the Ghetto
Years of dispair sung in Yiddish by Sarah Gorby
Sarah Gorby
PCC-221 (LP) [1966]
   Streets of Gold Streets of Gold
The Klezmorim
Arhoolie 3011 (LP) [1978]

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