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About This Project

The purpose of this project is to expose as many people as possible to the amazing collection of music available in the world.

This collection focuses primarily on out-of-print music from eastern Europe: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and the former Yugoslavia and the countries that used to be part of it (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro / Crnogora, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Macedonia). Albums from other regions are included if they were used for international folk dancing, or if I found them interesting. A few modern recordings (CDs) are also included, especially if recorded by local or non-commercial bands or musicians. There is also a "Folk" region that includes a few American recordings that I think others should know about.


This discography represents contributions from many people including Mary, Johnny, Art, Karen and Steve, David, Cheryl, Margaret, Ronald, Heidi, Kelly, Erik, Glenn, Daniela, Jimmy, Lori, Yvonne, Greta, Constantine, Atanas, David, Peter, Larry, Monica, Steve, Jerry, Anne, Pat, Robbie, Gloria, Tatjana, Krista, Mark, and The Radost Folk Ensemble.

Many thanks to all! - Tom Deering



Unfortunately, although I own most of the recordings, the audio from these recordings is not available from me. I do not have the rights to publically distribute any of it, so please do not ask. There are some albums with short MP3 samples, and I will be adding more. If you would like to hear samples of a particular album, let me know and I will put it on my list of next projects.

The commercial availablility of a particular recording is noted if known.


The regions used to categorize the music were determined primarily by how the publishers of the recordings classified their albums; thus, there is a large Yugoslavia section. There are also separate sections for Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Albums are classified where it seems appropriate.

The designated regions are for album classification only and are not meant to be political. If you think an album should be classified differently, let me know - but please let the political past be the political past.

    Support this Project

If you would like to support this project, please make a cash donation to:

  • The Radost Folk Ensemble, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (www.radost.org).
  • Radost will also accept donated albums - CDs, vinyl, or tapes. Donors of usable recordings will receive a CD copy of the recording in return.


    Transliteration Notes

The album and track titles are written in the source language and alphabet where ever practical. Latin transliterations and English translations are given in the subtitles. Not all the languages are transliterated the same. My goal is to use these conventions:

Croatian:Use diacriticals: Kičo and Međimurje
Serbian & Macedonian:  Use diacriticals: Čačak and Beranče
Bulgarian: (a mixed system that allows bi-lateral transliteration)
  Spell out multiple-character letters: Ruchenitsa and Dobroudzha.
  Special Characters: й = j, у = ou, ъ = u, ь = y, ю = yu, я = ya, ий = ii, ия = ia.
  Българя (Bulgaria), Тракийска (Trakiiska), Кольо (Kolyo)

All of the lists are sorted by the transliterated title or name without the diacriticals.



Original artwork copyright © by the original artists and publishers.
Everything else copyright © 2008-2017 by Tom Deering

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Updated 10/17/2017